No Adapters Found in Environment

This error is pretty common during OS Deployment, I have seen it a few times at various customers sites. It’s more an oversight than a fault as you will see.

You will see this error when trying to add your machine to a domain when deploying a captured image in ConfigMgr 2007. It can happen for a couple of reasons, mainly due to an oversight and not really a fault.

The first is to make sure that your drivers are applied after the Apply Operating System Image step and before the Apply Windows Settings and Apply Network Settings task sequence steps. This is to ensure that drivers are applied to the image after the OS is installed and before we try to add the machine to the domain. Providing you have the correct drivers this should then work.

The second is that people try to add the machine to the Computers container in Active Directory. This isn’t working because it’s a container. The task sequence engine step requires you to enter a OU, and Computers is a container.


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Martyn is one of the Senior Cloud Architects and DevOps Team Leader at one of the worlds leading Cloud Transformation Specialists Inframon. Martyn is responsible for the architecture of some of the largest Azure deployments in EMEA and is a advisor to a many businesses on their strategies. Martyn is a regular speaker at Microsoft events and community events on Azure and DevOps, giving his insight to a growing number of audiences.

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