Backing up and Restoring SCCM 2007

Why can’t we just use this SQL backup? Sound like your resident DBA? I know plenty which run a mile when they hear the words SCCM or ConfigMgr. Reasons exist for the strange method of backup and recovery, honest.

Like every other good design, it should include a good backup and recovery solution. A regular SQL backup when we talk about SCCM is pretty much pointless. SCCM is a large piece of software who’s workings are not limited to the database. The SMS Provider does most of not all of the database work for us, a lot of SCCM relies on WMI rather SQL.

A lot of the trouble I see is just understanding. Once you discuss this with your DBA they are more than happy to maintain on your behalf or manage from a SQL point of view but coming to you with any issues.

The SCCM backup makes use of the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to create backup snapshots. Point-in-time copies of the site server and data information are used to backup and restore SCCM. By using VSS the backup maintenance task is able to minimize offline time.

As part of our backup the following is included:

  • Site Database
  • Install directory on the site server
  • Master control file (Inboxes\\Sitectrl.ct0)
  • SMS and NAL registry keys

We do not however backup clients, the reasons for this are firstly, it doesn’t really matter, the impact of loosing this data is minimal. Secondly, it’s not practical, you can have hundreds of thousands of clients potentially.


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