TechEd Europe 2012: Day 0

Today was pre-conference day, the day you see a lot of people around attending the numerous seminars and people setting up their stands for the busy week ahead. For me today was about seeing ConfigMgr experts Kent Agerlund and Johan Arwidmark doing their thing in #TEPRE04.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from today really, I knew roughly what the day was about and I knew that anything these guys were presenting was worth the effort to go see. I wasn’t wrong. For me it was a simple overview, I already knew and practice what Kent and Johan were discussion, some of which you have seen on the blog. However it was for me great to see the room pretty much full with people wanting to learn about ConfigMgr 2012.

A lot of the room seemed to be using ConfigMgr 2007 so no doubt the very well presented session of migration with some stunning demos to put into practice what has been shown on the slide decks will be very useful for people. Some really important lessons on management of the application have also gone into the slides today and it’s always great to hear speakers with real world experience which is something Johan and Kent have lots of.

Don’t forget for some sessions you can download the slides and videos from the sessions from the Channel 9 website.


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About Martyn

Martyn is one of the Senior Cloud Architects and DevOps Team Leader at one of the worlds leading Cloud Transformation Specialists Inframon. Martyn is responsible for the architecture of some of the largest Azure deployments in EMEA and is a advisor to a many businesses on their strategies. Martyn is a regular speaker at Microsoft events and community events on Azure and DevOps, giving his insight to a growing number of audiences.

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