Interview: Santos Martinez

Following on from the interview I posted with Rod Trent from myITForum some time ago, here is another short email interview with one of the authors of Mastering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, Santos Martinez.

MC: Hi Santos, many people will know you as one of the authors of Mastering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, but tell us a little about day job?

SM: My job is a very interested one, I’m a Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. My typical week starts with the preparation of my bags on a Monday morning and driving to the airport to visit the customer that I will assist during that week. Once I get there is all about the customer and what their needs are. After that is traveling back home Wednesday or Thursday and be with the family for the remaining days.

MC: So, apart from your role at Microsoft, tell us a little about yourself.

SM: I’m a 4th Degree Black Belt, I like Chess and be with the family, growing up with Martial Arts give me another level of discipline.

MC: How did you start in your systems management career? Was it an accident or is it something you have always been interested in?

SM: I think it was sort of accident I use to be a Computer Technician but was struggling on work many years ago and decide that I will change my career and work for a bank. On my interview day they gave us a test to review our knowledge and they pull me out at the end of the test and said “I want you to interview for a different position” and that’s how all started.

MC: MMS 2012 was huge this year, Microsoft have just announced MMS 2013 will be again in Vegas, what do you think we can expect next year?

SM: Next year will be a brilliant year to be at this event, if you work on systems management you know that this is a constant learning and game changing world. Vegas is my favourite place to do this event, lots of people go there to learn and the most important peace networking.

MC: Everyone I have spoken to on my consultancy engagements loves ConfigMgr 2012, what do you think is the most useful feature?

SM: ConfigMgr has so many features that I must say is complicated to say that I love only one if not all, I think my favourite overall is software distribution.

MC: How do you see ConfigMgr v.Next (whenever that might be) looking when it is announced?

SM: I’m my role we don’t get to know what is coming up next since we have to support what is released and what our customers have, I get my hands on the product as soon as they are released on Subscribe to connect and keep your email open.

MC: Not so serious question now, Bing or Google?

SM: This is a great question and I get it every day when I show up at my customers and its interesting because I don’t recall using anything else than Bing for the past few years, I suggest you take the Bing Challenge, and you will find out for yourself.

MC: Finally, thanks again for your time, it is very much appreciated the last question, what is the best advise you could give to any budding ConfigMgr administrator?

SM: The best advice I can give them is to always have a copy of the offline documentation of ConfigMgr its very useful all the time, the other thing I must say a lab is 100% required if you don’t have a lab always get the TechNet Virtual Labs link on the favorites. Other than that dream big, accept all challenges and nothing is impossible.


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  1. Meesterlijk says :

    Very interesitng post, loved reading this.

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