Promotion of Objects Part 1

First of all, sorry for the recent lack of activity. For one it has been very busy recently and secondly some laptop issues means my lab is somewhat broken, but will certainly be rebuilt! This post is the first in a short series where we look at promotion of objects from one environment to another, for example development to test or test to production.

To start off why is this important? For most organisations a development or test environment doesn’t exist for ConfigMgr, the only environment which exists is the production. However in most large organisations risk needs to be managed and in the wrong hands or by simple human mistake you can quickly make a big mistake with ConfigMgr. For example, take what happened at CommBank out in Australia.

In a lot of organisations I visit I also hear stories from system administrators and managers who have a lack in confidence in ConfigMgr for one reason or another, the answer to their concerns usually always comes down to human error. This error could be a mistake in the install command line, deployment to the wrong collection or anything along those lines. These issues are not that of the product as ConfigMgr is only doing what it is told to.

Managing the Risk

Business is all about managing the risk, we can do that in a few ways in ConfigMgr, the most common one I see is over restrictive permissions and red tape which prevents the tool getting used for what it is good at. A recent customer for example has a deployment framework which means the deployment of software can take months rather than the few days it should take.

Rather than imposing these restrictive controls, permissions and processes on administrators, what if we had a process which got everything right in a test or development environment and then went through and automated process to move or migrate objects to the next environment.

This is what this series is about, now we have the core information on where we are heading my next post will set out the scenario we will create in the lab and begin setting up the processes and automation we need.


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About Martyn

Martyn is one of the Senior Cloud Architects and DevOps Team Leader at one of the worlds leading Cloud Transformation Specialists Inframon. Martyn is responsible for the architecture of some of the largest Azure deployments in EMEA and is a advisor to a many businesses on their strategies. Martyn is a regular speaker at Microsoft events and community events on Azure and DevOps, giving his insight to a growing number of audiences.

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