Update on Offline Servicing Error Code 5

You may remember that some time ago I posted about the issues trying to run component based servicing when your primary site is running McAfee for anti-virus protection. After some work with a customer and work with Microsoft, I thought it relevant to post an update on this situation.

First of all, it is very important here to note that this is most certainly a McAfee problem, regardless of what you read on their KB article.

The simple fact here is that with the McAfee security turned on component based servicing fails. When the Access Protection product is turned off it works. Inputting exclusions does not resolve the issue and despite reports that McAfee have a patch for the issue I have not seen anything official.

At the minute we are certainly no further on technically to a resolution but fingers crossed whatever it takes a resolution other than disabling the access protection engine resolves the issue.


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About Martyn

Martyn is one of the Senior Cloud Architects and DevOps Team Leader at one of the worlds leading Cloud Transformation Specialists Inframon. Martyn is responsible for the architecture of some of the largest Azure deployments in EMEA and is a advisor to a many businesses on their strategies. Martyn is a regular speaker at Microsoft events and community events on Azure and DevOps, giving his insight to a growing number of audiences.

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