Archive | October 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Wi-Fi Profiles

One of the new features in ConfigMgr 2012 R2 is the ability to setup Wi-Fi profiles and deploy them to clients. In this post we explore how to set them up and the reasons where you would use them.

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Data Replication in Configuration Manager 2012

Lots has been made about the new way in which Configuration Manager replicates it’s data. It is much more efficient at replicating data between sites, one main reason for this is that we now use native functionality within SQL Server to perform this replication.

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Secondary Site vs Distribution Point vs Management Point

It’s the million dollar question for all companies who are lucky (or lucky) enough to potentially have a need for a secondary site, do I need a secondary site? In this post I want to walk through the pros and cons between having a secondary site, not having a secondary site and share some tips for when they are required.

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ConfigMgr 101: MP Replica

In this latest installment of my ConfigMgr 101 series I am looking at the management point replica feature within Configuration Manager 2012. Some people I speak to have never heard of MP replica’s, some have and don’t use them, so what are they all about?

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Cloud OS Infrastructure Relay – Register Now!

Time for a bit of a plug for a bunch of fantastic events coming up for two weeks in November. Join Microsoft and a panel of MVP speakers (including me), to learn about Cloud OS and how you can use the technology suite from Microsoft to transform your business.

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