Failed Application Install on Workgroup Clients

I have been working with a customer recently delivering some role specific builds using a combination of ConfigMgr and MDT. The environment I had was already setup and ready to start working on so this has helped in a big way. However, some of the clients are in a workgroup and not the domain here. I had some problems installing applications to these devices.

The Scenario

Here is the scenario, the machines are running a MDT task sequence, the machines are placed into a workgroup, the client installation has the proper flags set to specify a management point and this is working as expected. When we come to hit the Install Applications task sequence step, our task sequence hangs for a minute of so and then errors. Our smsts.log file shows the following error.


The error is a strange one, what we are getting back indicates that no management point can be found. From here, I started testing other builds and these failed to with the same error. I knew this wasn’t a machine specific thing, I could ping the management point, telnet to port 80 and 443 so I knew I could communicate with it properly.

One of the other errors you can’t see in the screenshot is the error: Execution status received: 24 (Application download failed), my next step in debugging this was to look in the CAS.log file. In here I didn’t find any errors but what I did find was an message saying 0 DPs were found. I found this strange as I had been downloading content on this same machine. Then it struck me, when it was working I was running a different build which domain joined machines to the domain.

The Problem

When I went to look at the setup of the boundaries I could see one existed but it was for Active Directory sites. While this isn’t a problem, it is a problem when you come to install applications to workgroup clients. The basic premise here is no domain = no AD boundaries. I added a subnet boundary in for the build location, ran the task sequence again and it worked first time.


I can only assume this is some kind of bug. It makes sense to me why it wouldn’t work because I am asking for boundaries when I am not on the domain, the only boundaries setup at this point were AD sites. What is not clear to me is how it got this far in the task sequence before failing, other packages were downloaded but this was the first application which tried to install.

I have logged the issue and will provide an update if/when I have one.


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One response to “Failed Application Install on Workgroup Clients”

  1. patrick says :

    are there any News or new conclusions? i got the exact same Problem..


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