Unable to Install Management Point

I have been working with a colleague to investigate an issue where the management point will not install on a Windows Server 2012 operating system with some pretty strange errors. Read on for more details.

On the face of it this seems like a classic failed MP installation, either we forgot something simple (it happens to everyone) or some configuration isn’t correct on the target server. Other than the fact this was a management point in an untrusted forest, everything was as you would normally expect. I started looking at some logs, the first one was bgbisapiMSI.log which is the installer log for the BGB HTTP Proxy. This has exited with one error, this you can see in the following screenshot.
bgbisapiMSI mpmsiThe error we were getting was Internal Error 25001, 80070057. We checked the usual things, permissions included and found nothing wrong. As this installer is triggered as part of the whole installation process for the management point we also had a look in the mpMSI.log file for the main installer. This also threw up an error.

mpmsiSome more debugging and watching the log file during the installation lead to the discovery that the file P:\SMS_CCM\polmig.mof was attempting to be created and read from the disk before the SMS_CCM folder has been created. As it was a colleague who was doing this deployment and not myself, I’m not sure of the entire configuration but this is something I have never seen before.


As a punt, we tried to create the folder first, then ran the installation of the management point again, looking at the logs, what do you know, it installed without error. Certainly a strange one, something I have never seen before and am struggling to reproduce but certainly something to be aware of. This was happening when running on Windows Server 2012.


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Martyn is one of the Senior Cloud Architects and DevOps Team Leader at one of the worlds leading Cloud Transformation Specialists Inframon. Martyn is responsible for the architecture of some of the largest Azure deployments in EMEA and is a advisor to a many businesses on their strategies. Martyn is a regular speaker at Microsoft events and community events on Azure and DevOps, giving his insight to a growing number of audiences.

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