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Discussing Deployment Logistics

A part of the desktop refresh project that is often overlooked is the discussion on deployment logistics, the questions like who will deploy? when will we deploy? what will we deploy? This post aims to help you understand the different logistic models people go for and discuss the pros and cons.

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Pitching Enterprise Deployments

When you have done all the hard work around your application discovery, you know what applications people want, all your testing of the deployment of these applications has been completed and you have decided how you will migrate your user state how do you pitch your deployment plan to the boss who will essentially fund your overtime on the project and take the flack if it goes wrong?

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Planning Enterprise Desktop Deployments: Part 3

We have already looked at how you manage your application portfolio using data collected from various tools. Now we have the workings of a deployment plan. In Part 3 we are looking at what tools are available for your proof of concept environment.

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Planning Enterprise Desktop Deployments: Part 2

In Part 1, we looked at ways to collect information about your hardware and application estate. Now you have this information what can you do with it? We specifically look at your application estate.

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Planning Enterprise Desktop Deployments: Part 1

Enterprise deployments can feel like a huge task if your inexperienced in large scale deployments. This is the first post of a series I will be publishing on some guidance for planning deployments.

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