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ConfigMgr 101: Pull Distribution Points

With all the excitement of the SP1 release this is something many people will have overlooked or not even seen, especially if you already have all your distribution points setup. Pull Distribution Points allow us to specify a distribution point to act as an upstream server for a specific distribution point.

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ConfigMgr 101: Driver Management

I have worked on many OSD projects in the past and remember the pain of setting up the required drivers. It wasn’t until recently however that I remembered how painful this process can be when I started setting up a customers images again.

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ConfigMgr 101: Client Deployment

It has been a while since a post in my ConfigMgr 101 series. This latest installment looks at the many ways of deployment the ConfigMgr client to your systems.

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ConfigMgr 101: Virtual Applications

In my opinion, one of the most fascinating features in ConfigMgr 2012 is the introduction of much better support for virtual applications sequenced using the App-V Sequencer. This latest post in the ConfigMgr 101 series looks at how this feature works, how it is different from ConfigMgr 2007 and how we use it.

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ConfigMgr 101: Maintenance Windows

Welcome to ConfigMgr 101. This series will be focusing on ConfigMgr 2012, and helping you get the best out of the product using features you may have not looked at in ConfigMgr 2007 or features which are new in ConfigMgr 2012. Our first post looks at the maintenance windows concept, how to use them, what they are and why you should use them.

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